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Joint Wrap Wheatbags
Small, Medium and Large

Target those hard to cover areas with any of these three brilliantly flexible segmented Joint Wrap Wheatbags. They work fantastically well heating or cooling wrists, elbows, knees and ankles or any other area you see fit. The Joint Wrap Wheatbags feature a long, sturdy Velcro strap which is used to secure them exactly where you need them to be. Simply apply, fold and curve to suit and attach Velcro strap to Velcro strip on the wheatbag. They are so easy to apply, even with just one hand! You will get quality heating/cooling effortlessly right where you need it without any slipping. Thanks to the partitioning the wheat will stay where it needs to be!

These wheatbags are available in 2 gorgeous soft colour options (see below), all scent options available including fragrance free and always feature a black colour backing. Please note the Velcro strap will not melt or distort in the microwave.

SMALL Size approx. 27cm long x 11.5cm wide
Weight approx. 350g
Velcro strap length approx. 15cm
Useful for smaller, fine boned wrists

MEDIUM Size approx. 56cm long x 38cm wide
Weight approx. 800g
Velcro strap length approx. 25cm
Useful for medium wrists, medium ankles, medium elbows, medium knees

Temporarily unavailable
LARGE Size approx. 56cm long x 38cm wide
Weight approx. 1.2kg
Velcro strap length approx. 33cm
Useful for large ankles, large elbows, large knees
Waist belt

Have a look at The Waistbelt Wheatbag if you prefer a wheatbag with two, longer straps or alternatively The Muff Wheatbag for hand/wrist relief.

We only use hemp/organic cotton fabrics for our wheatbags. The material is very strong, durable and features a beautiful sheen and a slight texture.
The Muff
Hemp is also a better material to use long term for the future of planet Earth, rather than traditionally farmed cotton. Read more about our principles here

Scented with pure essential oils (Lavender flowers, Peppermint, Lemon Myrtle, Vanilla, Eucalyptus) or unscented. All our wheatbags are 100% Australian made from a tough, environmentally friendly hemp/organic cotton fabric blend. We only use hard, 100% certified organically grown Australian Wheat.

Use your wheatbag HOT to soothe arthritic pain or COLD to cool and reduce swelling.
REMEMBER! You only pay $13.50 postage regardless of amount of wheatbags purchased.
Prices (incl.GST):
SMALL - $39 AUD, MEDIUM - $49 AUD, LARGE - $59 AUD

Available Colours:

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