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30-11-2016 16:32:00

Wheatbags make amazing, thoughtful, useful and practical Christmas presents!

Wheatbags make amazing, thoughtful, useful and practical Christmas presents! We all get caught up in the fast paced world around ourselves, at work or with our families. It’s good to be able to take some time out, sit down, apply a wheatbag to an achy spot and get some pain relief for yourself. At The Australian Wheatbag Store we hear similar stories all the time about always putting yourself and your needs last. As often others depend on you, this is not an ideal strategy! If you can catch a pain before it gets out of control you will function better for yourself, and be there for others too. So give the gift of pain relief to someone dear or indeed to yourself. We will do the gift wrapping for you, add the text you would like to add to the parcel in “message to seller” (that’s us!). Inform us the alternative shipping address and Bob’s your uncle. A wonderful, caring present has been sent on your behalf to anyone, anywhere in Australia. We will not send a shipping paid invoice with that, of course. It will be emailed straight to you.

Questions? Give us a ring on: 0407 626 755
30-11-2016 16:22:00

Come to the Scandinavian Church Christmas Bazaar in Toorak, Melbourne this weekend!

It’s on again! The annual meatball fest is about to go off and let me tell you, they have way better ones than IKEA! Come and soak up anything Scandinavian at the astonishingly beautiful and impressive Toorak House. Participate in activities, browse all the stall, eat red Danish hot dogs, see the Lucia parade, meet Pippi Longstocking etc etc. There will be a petting zoo and a jumping castle as well.
The Australian Wheatbag Store will have a stall there. We are also sponsoring the raffle with a large basket of assorted wheatbags and other products to the value of $300. Amongst the prizes: a return flight to Scandinavia for 2 people with SAS! Please come on down and experience something utterly different if you are available and in the neighborhood!
Where: Swedish Church, 21 St Georges Rd, Toorak
When: 10-4pm daily Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th December
Read more about the event: here

30-11-2016 16:00:00

Wheatbag Laboratory – Get your geek on!

For many months we have been showing your some of the wheatbag lab test results. For the last 2 years we have been researching physical properties of wheatbags (and other grains). The purpose of this research is to provide concrete data rather than unsupported statements about wheatbags. Strangely enough, wheatbags are not a subject that attracts science funding, so the number of science wheatbag papers is exactly zero! This month we share with you some of the Wheatbag Lab secrets – The computer(s)! There are other parts of the lab (like the [redacted], the [redacted] and of course [redacted]!), but this is the heart. It is multi-channel logging thermometer with multiple IR and thermistor sensors. Equipment like this costs well over $4000. So we built it ourselves with the assistance of the organic wheat fed fair trade gnomes we keep in jars under the kitchen table, LOL!
The system uses multiple Arduino processors and Raspberry Pie micro computers to collate and record the data (using custom code, natch).
Everything is connected via custom USB and sensor code. The gnomes said to write all this tekky-goobledy yakkidy yak because they think it will impress people who know about this stuff (Makers).
The Australian Wheatbag Store – Doing its bit to “Science the f…” (pop reference… tick!) out of the wheatbags!

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