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An Excellent Product & Great Service

My order was emailed on Sunday and found at front door (as requested) this morning [ed:2 days later]!

With best wishes for the future of your ‘small Australian company’
(thank goodness there are still a few of you left to serve us)

John from Doncaster in Victoria
Sep 2016

Pleased with my wheatbag


My name is Susan and I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my wheatbag.

I had been using a very similar shaped wheatbag, that was made and sold locally at a market here in Campbelltown NSW. I bought this over 15 years ago, and after constant use, it finally decided it had had enough with the material wearing right through. I was devastated.
I searched and searched for a replacement locally and couldn’t find the same shape. I have a cervical/thoracic spine condition where a big part of treating the soreness is with a wheatbag.
Thank you so much for the quick and easy ordering experience. It arrived in a very short time and I’m sitting here with it on right now!
You will definitely be my first choice in the future and I’ll be telling all my friends and family where to buy their wheatbags.

Susan from Helens Park NSW
April 2016

It feels like heaven!

Hi Asa!
My order arrived today and I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a beautiful thing!
I have fractured my tibia and it hurts at night.. But tonight with your gorgeous smelling wheat pack it feels like heaven!!
When I took it off my leg it had a little holiday on my neck.... Just as wonderful!
I love the hemp fabric.. No itches!
Maybe I need another couple for other areas!!
Will be in touch soon for another order.. Thank you soooo much!

Fiona from iPad :)
May 2015

Helping with circulation in my hands.


I would like to tell you that i am very happy with my small wheat bags, pocket ones.
They are helping my circulation in hands - first because they are warm and second because i always squeeze them.
So i came to idea that can maybe be good for you too. Since these wheat bags are something that is helping people,
for any personal reason, i find that colour and design that you have now represent your idea of organic and natural product so to change colours you are using now is not something i would recommend but shape of these small wheat bags i will. Since i am having them in my hands for at least 3-4 hours every day i found that it would be great if you would offer them in some other shape too, in the one you do now but also in a round shape too, and it doesnt have to be perfect circle, but like that it would be even more ergonomic and shape would be more fun and it would also fit better into small hands.

I am really in love with your product so that is why i wrote you all this. This is not something you have to do or anything, and i hope you will not get me wrong because i wrote you this email, i was just thinking about your product and circle shape would be something good to offer, i think. Or to be more correct, not circle shape but ellipse shape.

Kind regards,

Valentina from Serbia (ed:backpacker)
July 2014

Ectodermal Dysplasia wheatbag heatpack thank you letter
Caption: Ectodermal Dysplasia Support group thanked The Australian Wheatbag Store for its donation. At The Australian Wheatbag Store we strive to support community interests. Its part of our values

Sturdy, scented, Australian-made and even with postage are less expensive than store-bought heat packs

Hi Asa.
Found this draft email that I probably forgot to send. Sending it now.

"Thanks so much for your deal on the wheat bag. My daughter loves it. Here's a testimonial.

What's not to love about this product? They're sturdy, scented, Australian-made and even with postage are less expensive than store-bought wheat bags. The range of products is great and Asa looks after her customers if you happen to make the wrong choice, as I did (the perils of online shopping...)."

June 2014

Looks beautifully made and presented.

Many thanks Asa. Your product looks beautifully made and presented. Thanks also for the delivery – perfect.
I have purchased one for myself ( tired of the sock full of rice I usually use!) and am looking forward to using it.

Kind regards
Kate from Trinity Westcare Optometry
June 2014

So happy with my first wheatbag, I went looking for your mitt

Hello Asa and everyone there.
I found you on the internet, looking initially for instructions to make my own wheat bags. Over time, I have had several, usually from markets, and they have become smelly or the fabric has given way. I thought I could do a better job myself!

Then I found you! Why fiddle about trying to make one when I can purchase from you: Australian made, well-constructed and with durable fabric. Delivery is always very quick. You have a wonderful array of shapes and sizes, to meet different needs, and I was so happy with my first one, I went t looking for your mitt.

I had cancer, and part of my treatment was the removal of all the lymph nodes in my left arm. My left hand now gets very cold sometimes. I tried a merino knitted mitten, but as my hand is swollen the fit is very loose so does not provide warmth. Your mitt is fantastic! And the essential oils you embed them with makes the experience more pleasurable.

I am very happy with your products, and have no hesitation recommending them.

Kind regards, and thank you so much.
Deb from Tasmania
20 May 2014

Gorgeous, colorful designs!

Hi Asa

In order to try and settle my son at night who has ADD, I was told by an occupational therapist to try a a lavender scented Wheatbag for him to cuddle up to.
After googling wheat bags, I found your store and I was impressed with the gorgeous kids colorful designs instead of just having plain wheat bags.

Rebecca from Adelaide
Jan 2014


we bought these at the fair the other day, the packet says buy 2 for 25?
No problem if the discount does not apply anymore, just thought I ask . Btw, these work BEAUTIFULLY!!!

Nicole from UK (ed:Sale at the Royal Show)
Dec 2013

I use it mostly for my arthritic knees

I have been using a wheat bag for a long time - my Sister bought me a bear whose tummy was a wheat bag.
I use it mostly nowadays for my arthritic knees, a minute in the microwave provides great pain relief.
A while ago I had a bad tummy bug with severe stomach pains and my wheat bag helped enormously with that too :).
My old is getting smelly so I decided to buy myself a new one and, at the same time, to get some others for Christmas Gifts (I have a Sister, a Brother-in-law and a Nephew who all share my bad knees). I searched on the internet and on ebay and found your site.
Great size, best prices and even a choice of perfume!! Plus, of course, being Australian, how could I go wrong :)

Carol (Caza) from NSW
Dec 2013

Loved it!

Hello Asa,

My wheatbag arrived today, and I would like to thank you for your prompt service.
I loved the lavender fragrance when I opened the post pack, and also the information that you included!

June from Queensland
Aug 2013

Wheatbag helping with disc prolapse and sciatic.

Hi Asa,

You probably do not remember our first encounter, but I purchased small quantity of large and small rectangular wheat bags, which have been heavenly!!!
This purchase is because I am suffering a disc prolapse, which causes my lower back and my right leg to be in a lot of pain and I am loosing feeling in my right foot, from my sciatic nerve being aggravated.
The rectangular heat bags don't work as well as some of your others potentially could.
My favourite wheat bag, (was my grandmas) busted while I was asleep the other night and I thought thats it, time for another purchase from Asa!

Keep going strong… I can't wait to get my new wheat bags
Aug 2013

It helps me relax and go to sleep.

I like to heat my wheat bag up at night time. It helps me relax and go to sleep.

When I have had a bad day my wheat pack makes me feel better. It makes me feel nice and warm and comfortable.

Jamie - aged 10 years
Adelaide, South Australia

Next best thing to a neck massage!

I suffer from chronic migraines and I find the u shaped wheat bag gives me relief. I have even taken it in the car with me. When I have had a long day and my neck is stiff and sore I look forward to hopping into bed with my wheat bag. It is very comforting- next best thing to a neck massage!

Adelaide, South Australia

 I use The Waistbelt WheatBag every day... Excellent quality.

I got The Waistbelt WheatBag from The Australian Wheatbag Store. Asa was very helpful and she recommended this particular wheatbag to help with my health issues. The Waistbelt WheatBag is just excellent! Straps are very long and it is so easy to wrap yourself with the wheatbag! I put mine for 2 min in the microwave and then wrap it straight to my back - instant relief!!! I am so grateful for The Waistbelt WheatBag, it just makes my life so much easier. And warm heat is so pleasant. I use The Waistbelt WheatBag every day. I also warm it up before I go to bed, and I sleep with it. So comforting. Just perfect.  And they are designed and handmade in Australia!!! Excellent quality. I haven't seen such wheatbags anywhere else. I got few for my family, as well. Highly recommended.

Nina - Of Indigo
Adelaide, South Australia

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