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29-07-2016 15:55:25

SECTIONED Long Wheatbag is now available!

Yes, yes, yes! We have made another choice available in the Long Wheatbag – a segmented little beauty J It is sectioned in three equally sized partitions and will stand firmer and higher on your neck than the Regular Long Wheatbag. It will not, however, wrap around a joint or be as flexible as the standard edition so we are keeping that one as a regular stock item as well as housing this new baby. We have the same choice of awesome essential oil scents as per usual – lavender, eucalyptus, lemon myrtle, peppermint, vanilla or simply fragrance free. The price is unfortunately a bit higher as it takes us longer time to make this little beauty but we think it’s worth it. Shop online at the low price of $35 for the new Long Wheatbag in Sections or get old school with the Regular Long Wheatbag at $30. Or get your 20% off any of the above if you come and shop at the Studio in Klemzig during the Royal Adelaide Show = BEST VALUE OPTION!


29-07-2016 15:50:00

Classic Cotton Corduroy Shoulder Shaped Wheatbags and Large Rectangular Wheatbags have arrived!
SPECIAL OFFER FOR YOU: Any of the Classic Corduroy Wheatbags for just $20 each! Limited time, get in quickly!

YES! They are finally here and in three gorgeous, lush and deep colours. These wheatbags are also available in all our amazing and regularly available scents as well! Choose from the deep Ruby, fresh Teal and calming Cobalt. This range has certainly been a hit at the markets and event we have attended in the last few months. We think it’s thanks to the traditional nature of the soft material and Australian wheat – a classic combination! We have the same choice of awesome essential oil scents as per usual – lavender, eucalyptus, lemon myrtle, peppermint, vanilla or simply fragrance free.
Phone in your order on 0407 626 755 to claim your discounted wheatbags from Friday 29th July. This offer concludes Monday 1st August at 5pm! Please note – this offer is ONLY available to newsletter subscribers. So yes, you are special J Please note this offer is not available online.
Check out the colours and shape options below!
Shoulder Shaped
Rectangular Wheatbag

29-07-2016 15:40:00

GET 20% off everything including seconds and already discounted discontinued stock. Offer only available during the Show 2-11 September 2016.

YES! To ease the pain of not being available at the Royal Adelaide Show we have decided to open the studio doors wide open and be a shop from 9-5pm daily, including weekends. If you would like to come at an alternative time outside these hours please advise desired time and day and we shall try to accommodate. Please see contact options below or simply show up at 5, Fourth Avenue in Klemzig between 9-5pm to try on wheatbags, shop, chat or just have a cup of tea with us!  To further  show everyone how much your support means to us we have decided to offer the serious discount of 20% off EVERYTHING, regardless of starting price during this time of open studio!  You can use cash or debit/debit card as payment in the studio.
Please note the studio is messy as we are in the middle of relocations but we will be there to assist and guide you around the place
Contact details below or just show up:

PHONE: 0407 626 755

Royal Adelaide Show

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