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05-06-2017 18:30:08

The Head Band Wheatbag is here!

This head bangersí favourite is excellent to use hot or cold for headaches, tensions and migraines!
It features two elastic straps at the back so you can adjust the wheatbag to sit just right for you.
The certified organically grown Australian wheat (and a scent, if you like J) is distributed in two channels running along the band. The filling is substantial enough (approx. 300g) to not move around a lot but not too heavy to wear.

We have been using them for a while in the office as they are great for tension headaches.
Of course you can use this wheatbag anywhere you like on your body but we reckon you will want to use this one for the head. One size fits all! The fabric used is hard wearing, soft and natural 100% cotton poplin. The Head Band Wheatbag is reinforced with a top stitch around the edges to make sure you get the best fit and comfort possible.

01-05-2017 15:17:37

Check out the three different sizes available which are great for wrists, ankles, knees and elbows. The Small one is ideal for wrists and a lovely one to use for elbows as well if you are of the smaller kind, adult as well as child. The Medium Joint Wrap Wheatbag is perfect for a medium to large sized personís wrist, definitely for an elbow or a smaller personís ankle or a medium knee. The Large Joint Wrap Wheatbag suits any larger personís elbow, ankle and knee or anywhere you like.

You can now target those hard to cover areas with any of these brilliantly flexible and segmented wheatbags! They feature a long sturdy Velcro strap which is used to secure them exactly where you need them. The Joint Wrap Wheatbags are very easy to fit; simply apply, fold, curve and attach Velcro Strap to Velcro strip on the surface of the wheatbag!
The Joint Wrap Wheatbags come in Apple Red or Slate Blue hemp fabrics with a black backside and feature a sturdy Velcro strap to secure the wheatbag with. Itís easy to use, even in a one-handed operation!
Remember Ė you only pay $13.50 flat rate for any amounts of products ordered!

30-11-2016 16:55:00

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