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The Rainbow Cap

Price: $18 AUD

The unisex one size fits all Rainbow Cap is lovingly hand dyed by us in gorgeous soft shades of muted colours. It is a modern classic among men and women, young and old alike and an obvious choice among those who prefer a coloured cap without any branding, logo, message, pattern or advertising. This train driver's style cap is so popular at markets and event we decided to start selling it from our web store as well. Here it is!

The smartly styled and soft coloured Rainbow Cap is cleverly oval in shape on the top. A band of fabric sits down along the sides and it is finished off with an adjustable Velcro strap at the back. This means the cap fits better than a baseball cap style, which is based on the theory that the human head is round. At The Australian Wheatbag Store we know heads are oval in shape if you look at it from above! Our Rainbow Cap simply fits better on anyone's head.
There is a small ventilation gap above the Velcro strap for a pony tail to stick out from.
The Rainbow Cap is made in China but hand dyed by The Australian Wheatbag Store in Australia. The dye is colourfast and will not run. We however recommend you wash it separately first time or with similar colours.

There are two Rainbow Cap styles to choose from: POLY/COTTON RAINBOW CAP features a longer, wider peak and four decorative stitch lines parallel to the peak. The material consists of 55% cotton, 45% polyester. This cap has the largest range of colour options: Black, Dim Gray, Ghost White, Yellow, Dark Orange, Light Pink, Pale Violet Red, Maroon Brown, Slate Gray, Slate Blue, Blue Gray, Dark Teal, Aquamarine, Light Green, Olive Brown, Dark Olive Green and Sienna.
100% COTTON RAINBOW CAP features a shorter, narrower peak without decorative stitching. The material is 100% cotton. The colour options are: Tan, Hot Pink and Dark Navy.

Size approx: One size fits all. Both the poly/cotton and the 100% cotton cap have the same circumference so they are the same size despite different materials and stitching. They are both size adjustable with a Velcro strap at the back.

If you have a larger head: Choose the undyed options as they have not shrunk in the hot dying process and are therefore slightly larger. Choose from: Black, Dim Gray, Ghost White or Tan.

Weight approx: 30g

Washing: Cold or warm machine wash (up to 40o C) using a mild detergent. Wash separately or with similar colours first time.

Shrinkage: Expect 2-5% depending on how hot the washing water is.

Do you suffer from the heat in summer? Check out the Cooling Neck Ties here for fast personal and easy to use cooling relief. You could colour coordinate with the Rainbow Cap for a refreshingly cool summer look!

REMEMBER! You only pay $13.50 postage regardless of amount of product purchased.

Price: $18 AUD (incl.GST)

The Rainbow Cap

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