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The Hot Water Bottle

It is piping hot, meets strict Australian safety standards, is made from natural rubber and comes with a comfy cover option!

Cuddle up to your new best friend, the Hot Date Hot Water Bottle, and say goodbye to those cold winter nights! The bottle is made from natural quality rubber and is fully ribbed for comfort and even heat distribution. For extra comfort we can now offer our friend Tracys Toasty Treat Hot Water Bottle Covers! Choose from 5 beautifully crocheted tones of colour. This 2 Liter beauty fitted with Tracys gorgeous cover will keep you toasty and warm for a long time.

Simply fold your empty bottle in half lengthways and slide into Tracys cover. Fill up bottle with hot water, expel excess air, replace the stopper tightly and enjoy. Every Hot Date Hot Water Bottle comes with instructions as well as safety guidelines so you can always read up on what to do safely. This information is also stamped on to the rubber so even if you lose the information you still have instructions to fall back on.

There are some dos and do nots: Never use boiling water, just hot. Do not overfill. Replace the bottle every year if you use it daily. Replace it every third year if you use it occasionally or just in winter. When not in use completely drain and store hanging upside down.

We recommend you use Tracys Toasty Treat cover for your Hot Date Hot Water Bottle. Tracy is trying to give up smoking and crochets to occupy her hands. If you crochet you can’t smoke! She makes diamond shaped individual shapes that she then crochets together using black as a defining outline.
Tracy Busy Crotcheting
She creates these covers making each one unique! We therefore give you a colour tone option to choose from. Support Tracy in her quitting smoking efforts and buy her cover for only $18 each! See the drop down menu on the top right.

Want a wheatbag instead? Look at our Large Rectangular Wheatbag

Use your Hot Water Bottle HOT to soothe arthritic pain, to warm up on a cold night or COLD to cool and reduce swelling. Yes, you can put icy, cold water inside instead of hot, keep in the fridge and use as an ice pack!
The Hot Water Bottle is available in the following Hot Date Colours (from left to right on the image): Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Aqua and Green.

Size approx. 35 x 20cm
Capacity: 2 Liters (only half fill though)
Material: Natural rubber
Weight approx. 450g
Made in China
Conforms to British Standards B.S No 1970:2012 and complies with Australian Trade Practices Regulations 2008.

Material: 8 ply acrylic and sheep’s wool yarns mixed
Washing: Cold to warm hand wash, drip dry
Weight approx. 50g
Fits: Hot Date 2 Liter Hot Water Bottle ONLY

REMEMBER! You only pay $15.50 postage regardless of amount of wheatbags or other products purchased.

Price: Hot Water Bottle $15 AUD, Tracys Toasty Treat Cover $18 AUD(incl.GST)



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