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Face Mask

Featuring Double Layer 100% Cotton Fabric and an Extra Barrier Pocket.
Please note this Face Mask is not N95/P2 rated

This is a super cute, double thickness, cotton mask that you can wear on your face. The elastics loop over your ears keeping the mask in place over your nose and mouth. Adjust the length of the elastic straps as necessary to achieve the best fit and comfort for adults equally as for children. The Face Mask is made from cotton materials and is washable. There is an opening at the long side of the mask to insert a barrier of your choice into. Use perhaps another piece of fabric, a paper towel, tissues etc that can provide protection as required. Simply remove and discard inserted materials daily when used and definitely prior to washing. We recommend a cold wash with similar colours.

The Face Mask is made from a cute 100% cotton material. It is made from off cuts from other fabrics remaining from past Australian Wheatbag Store`s projects. By buying and using our mask you are not using any resources otherwise desperately needed by medical staff. This is a very good thing. We at The Australian Wheatbag Store are using up stored off cut materials and NOT buying new ones, thus recycling.
Wear this mask. It stops you from touching your face, therefore stopping transmission of the virus, or anything else for that matter, to you and others. Wear the mask in public if you have a chronic condition and cough a lot. The mask wearing practice is well developed in parts of Asia where it is simply considered polite to protect others from your own illness if you are not feeling well. Let us introduce that custom and make it a new Australian tradition and the mask a modern Aussie icon. For everyone`s sake.

The BLANK CALICO mask is made from natural cotton calico material and in the design as our regular range. Have some fun with the kids and get them to put their own personal stamp on their own mask! It might be easier to get them to wear them then?! Use textile crayons or permanent markers for best results in the wash. Or, if you simply want a clean looking, light material mask, this one is for you. There is no pattern or colour at all.

Size approx. 19cm x 8cm
(expands to 14cm in the center)
Elastic - over ears, each loop 26cm (adjustable)
Weight approx. 15g

DO THESE THINGS A LOT: Wash your hands with soap and water * Wear a mask in public * Isolate yourself as much as possible * Look after your neighbours and each other * Look after your mental health.

Reduce anxiety by getting your information from reputable sources like World Health Organization, ABC etc. and stay physically active. Social media is NOT a reliable information source. Stay home and accept it as a new normal. Turn it in to a positive by digging in the garden, pet the cat/dog, bake your own bread and perhaps finally get to those projects you were always too busy for. Remember to love yourself and others.

Price: $14 AUD (incl.GST)

Available Patterns:

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Cotton Face mask
Cotton Face mask

Blank Face mask
Blank Calico Face Mask

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