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Huggable heaters for a cold bed.

Meet Florence, Nigel, Frasse, Stevie and Hjördis!
Our popular Bedmite Wheatbags feature personality and attitude galore and are suitable for all ages. They make the perfect gift for a child, giving an incentive to sleep independently. It’s easier to let go sharing a bed with parents if you have a heated Bedmite friend that comforts and relaxes. Many adults adore and buy the Bedmites as well. Let’s face it, many of us can not help but fall in love with their quirky personalities and attitudes!

Each Bedmite is unique, made from wool blend materials and features individually matched eyes, mouths and love hearts (the latter at the back). The backside is normally made out of a different colour than the front. The Bedmites have surnames as well, to distinguish them from each other. That surname will never be repeated so you can be sure you truly receive a uniquely made Bedmite!

We are sometimes asked what animals the Bedmites represent. We think Florence is a rabbit or possibly a kangaroo. Stevie is definitely a cat and Frasse a dog for sure. Hjördis is either a mouse or a dog. But we are unsure of Nigel. Some people have suggested he is a frog or a teddy bear. All we know is that he is the most popular and the cheekiest of all Bedmites! If you have any suggestions what species Nigel may belong to, please send us an email.

The size of the Bedmites change a little but when they are filled with organic wheat and the scent of your choice they will weigh roughly 1 kg. Their height and width also vary but they all fit within a square of 35 x 35cm. We say they are a good, cuddly size!

You can choose to have your Bedmite scented with either dried Lavender flowers, one of the Essential Oils we use (Vanilla, Lemon Myrtle, Peppermint or Eucalyptus (Lemon Scented Gum)) or just plain (no added scent at all). Please note that the Bedmite photographs below have been taken before filling as we stand by to custom make them to your scent specifications. The Bedmites are made locally in small batches by us and your colour choice may not be available. Feel free to contact us if you would prefer another colour as we are always making new ones and may not have had the time to post them on the website yet.

Use Bedmites HOT to soothe arthritic pain and COLD to cool and reduce swelling. REMEMBER! You only pay $10 postage regardless of amounts of wheatbags purchased!

Price: $55AUD! (incl.GST)


Please check end of June, our unique range of Bedmites will be back!

Bedmite wheatbag product detail
Bedmite Name: Florence Söderkvist.

Bedmite wheatbag product detail
Bedmite Name: Frasse Tallkvist.

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