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The Muff Wheatbag

We call it The Muff Wheatbag as it can easily be shaped into a cylinder to warm your hands or it can easily be used draped flat, over a shoulder or elsewhere.

All you need to do is attach or re-attach the velcro at the ends of the Wheat bag to create the shapes. When used flat (just undo the velcro) it is an ideal all-round wheatbag.

The Muff Wheat bag features 6 separate sections that keep the wheat in place, is available in 3 beautiful colour options (see below), and always features a black colour backing. We only use hemp/organic cotton fabrics for our wheatbags. The material is very strong, durable and features a beautiful sheen and a slight texture. Hemp is also a better material to use long term for the future of planet Earth, rather than traditionally farmed cotton. Read more about our principles here.

Our wheatbags can be wonderfully scented with the following pure essential oils: Peppermint, Lemon Myrtle, Vanilla, and our Eucalyptus of choice, the Lemon Scented Gum as well as the traditional Eucalyptus fragrance. We also offer the traditional lavender fragrance using a pinch of Australian dried lavender flowers mixed in with the wheat. There is also always a fragrance free option for those who are allergic, are sensitive to scents or simply prefer the wheat aroma.

Use your wheatbag HOT to soothe arthritic pain or COLD to cool and reduce swelling.

All our wheatbags are 100% Australian made from a tough environmentally friendly hemp/organic cotton fabric blend.
Good for the planet, good for you.
The wheat we use is certified organic wheat.
If you prefer a more snug fit for your hands - please see The Wheatbag Gloves.

Size approx. 35cm x 27cm
Weight approx. 900g

REMEMBER! You only pay $15.50 postage regardless of the amount of wheatbags purchased.

Price: $59 AUD (incl.GST)

Available Colours:




You can also place an order by calling
0407626755 or mailing us

Wheatbag for hands

The Muff Wheatbag