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Cooling Necktie AKA Cool Cat Cravat

The Cooling Necktie facilitates a natural and easy cooling remedy for heat stress by using plain, ordinary, tap water locked in by crystals in a necktie!

Tie the soaked Cooling Necktie around your neck or forehead to cool down on a hot day or when overheating. The Necktie is easy to use at home, at work, at sports events, while driving or whenever you need to. It cools you when the water slowly evaporates, effectively drawing heat away from your body. It uses the same principle as air-conditioning systems use.

How to use: Soak the Cooling Necktie in cool, clean water for 5-10 minutes. Remove excess water by gently squeezing it and wear for instant cool relief! Store the activated Necktie in the fridge in an open container during summer for easy access and immediate cooling satisfaction. Do not freeze as it could break the fabric.

Recharge the Cooling Necktie by soaking it in the water again. Hang up after use to dry out. The crystals shrink with the water evaporating to a flat shape again in a few days. Store away only when completely dry.

The Cooling Necktie is 100% made by The Australian Wheatbag Store in Australia from cotton, poly cotton fabrics and filled with water retaining, non-toxic crystals. The Cooling Necktie is reusable, will cool you for up to 24 hours, is easy and safe to use for young and old, lasts for a long time, is light-weight and portable and available in a variety of Cool Cat colours and patterns.

TIP: Some of our customers use the Cooling Neckties when traveling and for camping. Thanks to the portable format and its lightweight nature it makes perfect sense to cool down using it in the bush in summer, a long way away from fridges, freezers and electricity.

To clean: hand wash with a small amount of mild detergent, rinse thoroughly.

Size approx. 94cm x 5cm

Dry weight approx. 20g

Price: $19 AUD (incl.GST)

Available Patterns:



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Cooling Necktie Neck cooler
Cooling Necktie - Neck Cooler