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Fragrant Oil Deodorisers, Perfect For Cars or Small Rooms

With ten wonderfully scented fragrant oils to choose from it can be tricky to decide which ones to choose! Please see description below of each one of them. The deodorisers are great as presents so stock up the gift pantry with these handy beauties!

The Fragrant Oil Deodorisers will fragrance the air wonderfully for about 6 months, a little bit more or less depending on direct heat and sunshine exposure. Please note that the containers are refillable so you can easily top up with your own choice of oil when you run out. No waste here!

You need to activate the Fragrant Oil Deodoriser to get it working. Simply unscrew the top and remove the stopper that sits in the neck of the bottle. Replace the top and gently shake it up and down. The oil is now in contact with the underside of the wooden lid and will flow out through the cute patterned vents in the lid. From now on do not lay the bottle down on its side, always keep it vertically. It is now ready to be hung up either in your car or in a small room like a toilet, bathroom, laundry, really anywhere where you want a fresher scent! If the scent is no longer coming out simply give the bottle a gentle shake to refresh.

A complex offering of jasmine, rose and vanilla. A spiritual, floral complexity.

Crisp green forest lightened with clean, vibrant aquatic notes.

A classic aroma of the Australian bush with eucalyptus and wildflowers.

Fresh lotus flowers mixed with zesty lemongrass with lime leaves and freesia.

Oriental bamboo and tea with kumquat and teak. Great antioxidant.

Rose delicately balanced with floral and powdery notes.

Rich rosewood and lime embraced with sandalwood and cedar.

Grapefruit, Jasmine and Japanese Cedar.

A Moorish delight of golden spun sugar, pomegranate, rosewood and amber.

Size approx. 5cm tall, 2.5cm square
Weight approx. 50g
Volume approx. 8ml
Strings aprox. 10cm long

Please note these oils are NOT designed to be used as personal perfume. You can use them in your oil burner etc as well but not on your skin. If you like Essential Oils or our instantly refreshing Room Sprays please look here

REMEMBER! You only pay $13.50 postage regardless of the amount of wheatbags or other products purchased.

Price: $11 AUD (incl.GST)

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Fragrant Oil, Magnolia
Activate by removing stopper
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