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Tommy Hill Finger DIY Wheatbag Craft Activity Kit

Everyones best friend Tommy is a great activity for children and adults together! The DIY Craft Kit is a great interactive activity set where the end result is a cute and useful wheatbag that can be used either hot or cold. You also get to spend some quality crafting time together. Great fun! And discounted from $18 to $15. Get in quick while we are still feeling soft!

The Tommy Hill Finger Kit contains all things necessary including step-by-step, easy to follow instructions as well as heating and care instructions for the completed wheatbag. You only need to provide a sewing machine, a sewing needle for the hand stitching, pins and the great company!

Degree of difficulty - very easy when an adult with basic sewing skills assists.
Age appropriate: 5-12 years, girls as well as boys as well as adults of unrestricted age!
Have a look at the pdf below to assess whether the activity is right for you and your intended craft group. These instructions are included in the Tommy Kit.
Have a look at the Bedmite Wheatbags if you prefer a ready made heat/cold pack for kids.

You can choose from 4 differently patterned Tommys - see swatches below. Please note that the colours of feet, hand, eyes etc remain the same regardless of pattern. You can also choose from lavender scented wheat or no scent at all. Tommy measures about 15cm wide x 10cm high, excluding tail and other protruding limbs and weighs approximately 300g.

We invite you to post YOUR completed Tommy on our FaceBook page. Wed love to see all Tommys and hear your stories about him and your craft activity session!

Use your wheatbag HOT to soothe arthritic pain or COLD to cool and reduce swelling.

All our wheatbags are 100% Australian made from a tough environmentally friendly hemp/organic cotton fabric blend.
Good for the planet, good for you.
The wheat we use is certified organic wheat.

Size approx. 15cm x 10cm
Weight approx. 300g

REMEMBER! You only pay $15.50 postage regardless of amount of wheatbags purchased.

NEW Low Regular Price: $19AUD! (incl.GST)

Available Patterns:

Tommy Hill Finger DIY Wheatbag
Tommy Hill Finger
DIY Kids Wheatbag



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