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Wheat For Wheat Bags

Why not make your own wheatbag? Many people have wanted to buy our great, hard and organically grown food grade wheat.So we listened and made it possible.

The South Australian quality wheat can be used for many activities. You can eat it, perhaps grind the grains to a flour and bake with it, perhaps soak them in water and spices and cook or use when making pumpernickel bread or why not crack the grains and make tabbouleh. Yum! The wheat is delicious no matter what you do with it. As it is food grade it does not have any impurities in it such as bits of stalk, dead insects, gravel etc. You often find these in the feed wheat for animals you get from the fodder and grain stores. Avoid this wheat as it does not perform very well in the microwave.

Food aside, you can use the grains as filling in a wheat bag or two.Please see the HOW TO MAKE A WHEATBAG pdf for a bit of inspiration and basic instructions on how to create your own masterpiece. Or you can simply update an old wheatbag with fresh wheat. The grains dry out over the years and no longer hold the heat very well. Simply unpick the shortest seam on the wheat bag and tip out the contents. Best is if you can compost it. If possible, wash the bag itself to remove any odor that may be lurking from old and burnt wheat. Dry and refill your wheat bag with the fresh wheat and stitch up. Please note that the new wheat will need a SHORTER TIME in the microwave to get hot than what you used prior. Start conservatively and work in 30 second increments until you find a time that works for you and that specific wheatbag. Please remember to hydrate the wheat by splashing a small amount of water onto the unit prior to microwaving it. The wheat then stays fresher for longer and your wheatbag will last longer.

Choose from 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 or 3kg bags of the wheat. Please note we only sell the wheat fragrance free. If you like a scent you have to add it yourself.

Weight approx. 1kg (up to 3kg)

Price: $9/kg AUD (incl.GST)

Available by weight:

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Wheat for Wheatbags
Wheatbag Filling Wheat